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Quadaxial fabric is made up of four layers of parallel fibre laid in four different orientations or lay up style. The most common orientation pattern in quadaxial fabric is :

1. 0˚, +45˚, 90˚, - 45˚ Quadaxial - has four different layers of fibres oriented at 0˚, +45˚, 90˚, - 45˚ each. 0˚ is always the direction of the length of the roll and stitching direction.

Other types of triaxial with different orientation styles such as 0˚, +30˚, 90˚, - 30˚ can be produces on request. Theoretically speaking, an orientation has to be chosen from either 0˚ or between ±20˚ and ±70˚. Triaxial can be made with any types of fibres with a total varying weight between 200 to 2000 g/m². The maximum width at which this fabric can be manufactured is 3860 mm and can be altered as per the requirement.